It is vital that we all consider the importance of responsible water usage

Sustainable water practices, helping to save and preserve this precious resource for our warm island and for our planet, ensuring we have plenty of fresh water to drink.

Water is the most precious thing to life on earth, our blue planet. Essentially, we are all made of water, and of course need it to survive.

Globally, water use has been growing at more than twice the rate of population growth in the last century. If this continues, we will quickly face a serious water shortage, and in turn global disaster.

“It’s important that we all THINK about how we use water, and THINK about how we can save water. Every little bit helps, and we are all responsible,” states Managing Director, ASA Farmakas Table Water, Daniel Anastasis.

“Especially here in Cyprus, where the sun shines hot and bright all-year-long, water is precious,” he adds.

If is vital to drink sufficient water for proper health, but according to statistics the average person uses much more water than actually needed. Making simple choices in daily life routine can help save our island a lot of water.

For instance installing proper equipment at home, such as lower flow shower heads, fixing all leaks and dripping taps, and using clothes/dish washers more efficiently. Or when using water, having faster showers (and instead of baths), turning off the tap while shaving and brushing teeth. Of course also sweeping the pavement instead of hosing it, and washing the car with a sponge and a bucket instead of a hosepipe, both of which are actually prohibited by Law.

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