Company Info

Established since 1993, committed to providing exceptional natural spring water to the Cyprus Market​

Farmakas Natural Spring Water provides a range of drinking water-related products to the Cyprus market, both in-house brands, as well as associated labels for partners. The company has been operating the water business since 1993, backed by years of experience in other F&B sectors, including bread products, wine and traditional Cypriot delicacies. Founder and CEO, Daniel Anastasis is still very much active in all daily operations of the company, ensuring strong family- and community-oriented values and ethics are always endorsed and practiced. Indeed, the company is committed to providing an exceptional natural water product, as well as supporting the local Farmakas and wider Cypriot community and environment.

Mission & Values

Bottle Farmakas’ natural spring water & supply the Cyprus Market​

It is our business service to not only source, quality-control, bottle, and distribute water to store and door, but also to ensure it is done so affordably. No doubt, accessibility to good, clean spring water is of utmost importance.

Educate Cypriot society about the importance of our water supply​

Water conservation and sustainable practices are paramount in Cyprus. We all have a responsibility to use water efficiently, thereby managing fresh water as a sustainable resource, protect water environment, and meet current and future demand.

Support local communities & industries, as well as wider Cyprus economy​

Cyprus is still very much built around a village-style structure. As a business, it is our obligation to support local community initiatives that help drive development and growth, but also protect traditions.

Farmakas Village

Farmakas springs are high up in the spectacular Troodos Mountains of Cyprus. Set in a beautiful, traditional village, with sunny blue skies and refreshing breezes during summer, and snowy winters.