Community, Culture & Environment

Entrenched in our Community; Farmakas & Cyprus

Water is life, and indeed the life of the country. As such, Farmakas Natural Spring Water is a staunch supporter of both the local village community, as well as wider country initiatives. This includes local events, school outings and education trips, touristic visits, visiting industry exhibitions and conferences, as well as sponsoring larger major events such as the Cyprus Rally, among other.

In a community-driven and close-knit society market such as Cyprus, a company’s reputation is everything. Farmakas Natural Spring Water prides itself on strong business rapport & community ethics. Of course also promoting the importance of drinking water and saving water in Cyprus. See our community’s social posts.

Environmental & Sustainable Practices

As a company, ASA Farmakas Table Water Ltd., takes active measures to be both more environmentally friendly and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, as well as promote the responsible use of water in Cyprus.

ASA Farmakas Table Water Ltd. is certified by both Cyprus-based & internationally recognised accreditations for its sustainable environmental practices. In Cyprus, certified by the Ministry of Health, as well as Green Dot Cyprus for enterprise responsibilities in packaging and packaging waste; recycling and sustainable practices. At the intentional level, by the International Certification Network (IQNet), recognising conformity in the fields of management systems, products, services, personnel and other similar programmes of conformity assessment.

Managing our environmental footprint by our improved processes at our water plant, as well as our distribution centre, bottling, product packaging and deliveries.

Promoting responsible behaviour in water usage, by supporting community initiatives and helping to better educate and increase public awareness about the ecological use of water. Indeed, water is precious in the world, especially on our warm island of Cyprus. It is therefore all our responsibility to take care in how we utilise our water, and ensure we use it wisely.


Preserving our water resources in Cyprus

The first and foremost step is to THINK about SAVING WATER in Cyprus. At Farmakas Natural Spring Water, we call this initiative “THINK WATER CYPRUS”.

“The more you think about how to save water personally, the more it will happen. The more everyone adopts this thinking, the more the country will save water. The more each country saves water, the better our world will be.”
Managing Director, Farmakas Natural Spring Water, Daniel Anastasis

  • • We should not pollute our water ways
  • • We should conserve our water usage
  • • We should respect our water resources

By following a number of water saving measures, which require little time and money to implement, not just during drought conditions but all-year-round, significant amounts of water can be saved.

  • • Wash the car with a sponge and a bucket, instead of a hosepipe, which is prohibited by Law.
  • • Use a broom, not a hose, to clean verandas and pavements. The use of a hosepipe is prohibited by Law.
  • • Water the garden in the morning or in the evening when evaporation is limited, and in any case is better for plants.
  • • Wash only full loads in the washing and dish washing machines. Be as efficient as possible.
  • • Turn off water while you shave and/or brush teeth. No need to have it running.
  • • Check the taps for drips and make repairs promptly.
  • • Regularly check the plumbing installation for leaks.
  • • Take a shower instead of a bath and avoid having to run the water until it’s hot. Turn off shower water while you apply soap to body.
  • • Where possible, collect rain water via a proper gutter system for watering gardens and other uses.
  • • If you work in the tourism sector, do your best to educate tourist on the importance of using water responsibility, and perhaps adjust your facilities accordingly.

If you see someone doing the wrong thing, do your best to educate them about the responsible use of water in Cyprus.